Friday, June 13, 2008

To BLOG or not to BLOG....

April writing...

Some days, I'll be honest...I feel the urge to blog but I am empty. I search around reading random articles on the internet for ideas...I try and remember funny things that happen...and still, at times...there is nothingness.

So I sit here today...blank, but wanting badly to blog. So let's see what happens.

Not sure why...other than because they are so legend...wait for it...dary! But I really miss Britt and Jason! So if you guys are out there reading this...come home...I am bored. And I really want to start planning an AWESOME baby shower for you B!!!

*side note: It smells like poo in my office. It's pretty disgusting.*

So on Monday, Cory and I went to Andrew and Terri Peters house for dinner. (And Bennet, my boyfriend lives there too) We had an AWESOME Supper Tyhme dinner of Orange Chicken Piccatta, Mashed Potatos and Cauliflower and Brocolli. It was absolutely yummy!! *Thanks for having us over! It was a blast!!*

We then played on the Wii Fit...that...was...FUN. I mean some of the stuff is pretty hard...and I am SO totally wanting one now. I mean bump all the other Wii games (except for maybe the Sports package that comes with it) I am all about the Wii Fit. So I have been doing major searching for a good deal!!! The idea was maybe an Christmas present for Cory and I, but who knows it maybe earlier than that *wink wink*!

Oh and I am MAJOR excited about this...I ordered a super cool plant about three weeks ago and last week it finally came in the mail. (Again, I didn't know 10 years ago that I would be this excited about plant life and my garden...but I so am!) is called the "Climbing Shell Plant"I mean pretty is that?!?! Well when it came in the mail it was all dischevled and broken, so I had to pot it in a planter and bring it to work to set in my window so it could get the best sunshine possible for the first few days or weeks, whatever it needed. Well this is it is doing SO well. (sorry it's kinda dark...I took it with my camera phone!)

Have I ever told ya'll about how SLOW it is on Friday's here at work? We have a skeleton crew (out of 14 employees, there are usually only about 5-7 of us here.) Almost ALL of the architects are gone, unless they happen to be in for a project. So the majority of the phone calls go to someone's voicemail. This also means there is not much work to do for others, cause they aren't here to give it to me.

So fridays, usually end up being clean April's workspace day. Which isn't too much work, seeing as how I keep my workspace pretty darn clean. I usually catch up on filing for the week (cause I can walk away from the desk without the phone ringing too much) and then I usually take care of some of my own paying bills online, BLOGGING, etc. (Not that I don't have the time to do that the rest of the week too, haha!) Today is no exception, unless you count the fact that it is even SLOWER cause our phones keep going out, so that means less phone calls, leading to less work for me. Bleeeeehhhh. But HEY at least it is Friday right?!

*Please note, whil trying to include a picture in reference to the word FRIDAY (searching on google images...I came up with the following* (not at all sure HOW they are connected OR what they are doing in some of the pics, but they are funny none the less.)

Ok my dear people...I have wasted enough of your time. HAHA. Enjoy your FRIDAY!


- Sarah :-) said...

What in the world?! (ref: pictures)

I can't get Army Wives out of my head!!!

Becky said...

Good blog, you should also blog about who was voted off SYTYCD last night and what you thought of the vote off.

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