Monday, July 07, 2008

a deep-itching-hatred.

April writing...


I hate them.


There is a deep sense of hatred and anger when I think of these little terrorists.

How did this come up you ask? Well, now as I glance down at my mosquito-bite-infested leg and I think to myself..."they are potentially the most awful creatures ever invented." I mean, I am sure in the ecological food chain or whatever they have a purpose...but seriously. Do they HAVE to itch so stinkin' bad?

Yes, I am being a bit melodramatic about the whole thing, but I have like 6 bites on my leg, including one high up on my thigh...apparently from a pervert-squito...and they were fine. I had gotten over the initial shock-must-scratch-the-mosquito-itch-now feeling. Then I had to go and change clothes after work and my pants rubbed on them while they were coming off my body.

And now...the itch cycle has begun again. This is why mosquitoes make me angry. Because they aren't satisfied having sucked your blood and leaving a small (sometimes in my case large) circular welp on your somewhere on your body. (i.e. your legs, arms and even your stinkin' forehead or knuckle)....NO instead they have to leave this...must-itch-now juice in your skin that torments you for days on end with no relief.


Ok I am calm now...I will administer some Benadryl cream (the stuff is from the Lord himself) and try and get over it. Blogging has helped. (but partly because as I have been sitting here to type this I have been rubbing my legs on the side of the desk)...satisfying a must-itch-now rebellion that I am sure to pay for later...but oh well. It felt good for like 5 minutes.

later out for the mini-terrorists. *they are everywhere*


Becky said...

Oh! Sister! I know your pain. I have a half dozen or so on both my legs. I have been forbidden to scratch these god forsaken booger bites by my friend boy, Steve. He even got my mother involved for whenever he is not around to "watch" me LOL!!! Oh and if the cream from God does not help...try this stuff called after bite...AAAAHHH-MAZING!!!!

Regina said...

April you crack me up. "satisfying-must-itch-now-rebellion." tee hee hee

I hope you heal quickly!

- Sarah :-) said...


I am SOOOO with you. And btw - I'm going to have nightmares of your giant-huge mosquito picture... thanks for that.

At least you don't swell up and grow additional JOINTS when you get bit by them. My bug bites get fevers, and then swell, and then spout growths underneath of them. It's AWFUL! And guess what - Wisconsin??? FAMOUS for their Skeeters. It's like Hell for little people with sweet blood!

- Sarah :-) said...

NOTHING WORKS, btw... no but spread, benedryl, or combination os ANYTHING works!!! Especially for the ones I had on my left foot/ankle. I had cankles (is that what they're called when they are non-existent?) for a week, and the swelling is STILL going down!! And every time I put on pants or a sick it hits them... and NOTHING WORKS!!!

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