Monday, July 21, 2008

t o a s t e d.

April writing...

Today was DISNEYLAND! It was so much fun! I am TOTALLY worn out and tired haha and yep...(check the title) I am toasted. I knowingly didn't add any sunscreen...I mean I thought about it, and was like...ehh I have been here almost three days and don't have any sun that has changed haha! And it is in perfect tank-top formation...great. And I have a WHITE neck to go with! :)

Here are some pictures from the day... :)

With Mickey..of course...

HAHA tried to do the 'mini-rocker on the ride!! haha'
Cory is a REDNECK hahahahaa!!!

Cinderella...just for SARAH! :)

Tinker....too cute!

haha, me annoying Cory with the camera, just like always!


So sad we are leaving...but so tired!

After Disneyland we went to Fuji Burger...a place on Cory's list of places to eat...he of course was a happy camper again! :)
More to come...the ZOO is tomorrow! Later Gators!
Thanks again to Jacque and her sister Jenny for getting us the tickets and hanging with us a little while! :)
AND CHECK BACK to some of the other posts I have ADDED more PICS!!


Terri Peters said...

Are you trying to end up spending an entire day of your trip sitting in a ghetto ER again? Watch that sunburn!

- Sarah :-) said...

YAY!! It's ME!! See... no one ever believes that I'm famous. *sigh*

You guys both look roasty toasty. Niiice!

Regina said...


Looks like you two are having tons of fun. Way to live it up in CA :)

bekah :) said...

im sooo glad your having a good time. i cant wait til you come home!! :)
i miss my sister & brroooovver.

lovve yous. :)

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