Thursday, July 03, 2008


April writing...

Yowsssaa!!!! This week was fun! Each couple had to do TWO dances! So I figured I would clue you in on the way I rate the couples. I grade each couple, each dance on stars. So if there are 7 couples the most stars you can get is 7. That is how I get my bottom three couples. Then I decide out of them who I want to go...and wahhhlaaah!! Anyways...onto this week!!

Follow THIS link to check out pictures of each contestant. *Sorry Melissa but adding the pics was prooving to be quite a task!!*

HERE are my couples in order from WORST to BEST!!!

Kortni & Matt
Hip Hop - * 1 Star
Mambo - * 1 Star
TOTAL 2 Stars

Chelsie & Mark
Jazz - **** 4 Stars
Foxtrot - ** 2 Stars
TOTAL - 6 Stars

Comfort and Thayne
Broadway - ** 2 Stars
Smooth Waltz - ***** 5 Stars
TOTAL 7 Stars

Courtney and Gev
Hip Hop - ***** 5 Stars
Broadway - *** 3 Stars
TOTAL 8 Stars

Jessica & Will
Jive - *** 3 Stars
Lyrical Jazz - ****** 6 Stars
TOTAL 9 Stars!

Katie & Joshua
Contemporary - ****** 6 Stars
West Coast Swing - **** 4 Stars
TOTAL 10 Stars

FAVORITE COUPLE OF THE NIGHT....PERFECT SCORE!!! (there's a shocker I think they have been ranked this way from the beginning!! haha)

Kherrington & Twitch
Paso Doble - ******* 7 Stars
Contemporary - ******* 7 Stars
TOTAL 14 Stars

So that means my bottom three couples are:
Kortni & Matt - Even though I totally like them, I think they are just so slow in all the dances.
Chelsie & Mark - Even though Mark is growing on me...and she is super cute.
Comfort & Thayne - GOSH can they leave now?!?!!?!

So I guess you can see who my picks are to go home!!!! Yep, that's right! BYE BYE COMFORT and THAYNE!!!!! Please GO HOME!!!

We shall see if I am right...check back for the updated version Thursday night!!!

*oh and btw, what in stinks name was Cat wearing??????? Her hair was cute though! :)


OK so I don't REALLY even want to talk about who got voted off cause it was so STUPID. Matt and Kortni are GONE. I mean I wasn't all that down with Kortni, but I LOVED Matt....that was just dumb. How they saved Thayne over Matt is beyond me.'s to them leaving NEXT week!!! *fingers crossed*


Regina said...

My two cents. I love your run-downs April :)

Twitchington: I wasn't crazy about the Paso Doble. But I did enjoy the Mia Michaels routine they did.

Katie & Josh: I am consistently impressed by how adaptable they are, and at how much they commit to each routine they are given. They are such a joy to watch.

Chelsie & Mark: I did a little happy dance when they did their first number. Their song was originally recorded by this Turkish pop singer named Tarkan, and the song was called "Kuzu Kuzu." My turkish roommate in college was totally into him and I became very familiar with his music. It was so happily random to hear it on SYTYCD. lol

And I agree with you. It's time for Comfort and Thayne to go home.

Monica Dawn. said...


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