Wednesday, July 09, 2008


April writing...

Gosh I can't believe we are alread almost down to the top 10!!! Ahhh the TOUR is coming SOON!!! I am too excited. Ok onto tonight shows. Each couple dance two dances again...sweet!!

HERE are my couples in order from WORST to BEST!!!

Comfort & Thayne
Hip Hop - ** 2 Stars
Contemporary - * 1 Star
TOTAL 3 Stars

Chelsie & Mark
Salsa- * 1 Star
Broadway - ***** 5 Stars
TOTAL - 6 Stars

Courtney & Gev
Cha Cha - *** 3 Stars (and did you see Pasha and Ana...oh how I LOVED Pasha!!!)
Jazz - *** 3 Stars
TOTAL6 Stars

Katie & Joshua
Vienese Waltz - ***** 5 Stars
Bollywood - ** 2 Stars
TOTAL 7 Stars

Jessica & Will
Contemporary - ****** 6 Stars
Quickstep - **** 4 Stars
TOTAL 10 Stars

Kherrington & Twitch
Krump - **** 4 Stars
Tango - ****** 6 Stars
TOTAL 10 Stars

FAVORITE COUPLE OF THE NIGHT, would have to be Jessica and Will. I just adore them. I mean don't get me wrong I really love Kherrington and Twitch...but Jessica...GIRL I see you trying, even if the evil witch-genius Mia thinks that it is time for a new partner for Will.

So that means my bottom three couples are:
Comfort & Thayne - If they don't go home this week, I may literally cry. I don't wish to see either of them on tour.
Chelsie & Mark - They are totally safe...I like them too.
Cournty & Gev - Usually pretty enjoyable, but I believe they were a bit forgetable tonight as well.


We shall see if I am right...check back for the updated version Thursday night!!!

Cat's hair was messy a brush through that mess Cat will ya??


What can I say? I am just PLEASED!!!

SO long Comfort and Thayne. And I can't believe that they actually LIKED Comfort's dancing for her life?? All she did was run around the stage and thrust her man shoulders a few times. Whatev...she is gone and Jessica is still there :)

*and what is up with them TEASING Cat's hair like that? I mean it was so cute except for the squirrels nest around back! Eww.


Brittany said...

So for the most part i agree with. Jessica and Will totally stole my heart tonight. And Kherrington.... she is starting to lose it for me. I thought Katee and Josh's Baliwood routine did much better than just two stars though. I mean that is totally out of everyone's element and I thought that they rocked it out. Plus, I like that style. And yes, PLEASE SEND COMFORT AND THAYNE HOME!!!!! They have to go home this week. They just have to! Also, Cat's hair looked like she stuck her finger in an outlet. Frizzy! And that dress made her look homely. Tour is coming to Baltimore on Nov. 10th!!!!!!

Regina said...

My two cents from this week...

For whatever reason, I didn't like Will and Jessica's Adam/Eve routine. I didn't think it looked effortless at all...and I REALLY didn't think it was the most beautiful thing to ever cross the stage. But to each his own I suppose.

Gev is becoming my dark horse fav. I absolutely adore him, and love how he is growing as a dancer and starting to own everything on the stage. He really is fantastic in his own right and I hope he goes far.

As a lover of Bollywood movies (who knew, right?)...I can attest that Joshua and Katie really did well. They captured the playful, quirky, happiness that is a Bollywood dance number.

Next week will be very interesting. Splitting the couples up will be an adventure for sure. (And if Comfort and Thayne are around for the bruhaha, I'll be really really suprised.)

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