Wednesday, July 16, 2008


April writing...

So there were many shake-ups this evening...First off, all the couples were mixed up. Some I liked, some I DIDN'T like. Second, Jessica had to step out of the competition, because she had two freaking broken ribs!!! What the HECK! Well, I am proud of her for stepping down to take care of herself, but with that returned COMFORT....BOOO!!!!! And she was HORRIBLY HORRIBLE. Boo.

Here's the rundown:

Kherrington & Mark
Country 2 Step - *** 3 Stars
Classical Jazz - * 1 Star
TOTAL - 4 Stars

Comfort (boo) & Twitch (NOT happy with this pairing at
Waltz - * 1 Star
Hip Hop - *** 3 Stars (and trust me, I did NOT want to give them three stars, but it was good.)
TOTAL - 4 Stars

Courtney & Joshua (I like this match-up)
Popping - **** 4 Stars
Cha Cha - ** 2 Stars
TOTAL - 6 Stars

Katie & Will (Loved this match-up)
Broadway - ** 2 Stars
Parte Dux (?) - ***** 5 Stars (so pretty!)
TOTAL - 7 Stars

Chelsie & Gev
Contemporary - ***** 5 Stars
Jive - **** 4 Stars
TOTAL - 9 Stars

Each Dancer also danced a solo...they were all, well...pretty boring to me. I mean, yeah I guess technically they weren't "Dancing for their life" but still...step it up people...I mean come on!!

My BOTTOM two people are: Comfort (please go away and STAY away!). And on the guys I am a little torn, but going with Mark (even though I do kinda like him...he has flown under the radar for me a bit and now that it's getting to the end, it may be time to lose him.) My other choice WAS Gev...for almost the same reason...but I think his personality will keep him here a while longer.

We shall see!!

I am SO ANGRY! You have GOT to be kidding ME! What in the world were you THINKING America!!! Keeping COMFORT and kicking of KHERRINGTON?!?! It was NOT her unbelievably upset. Oh and they kicked off Gev BOTH my guesses wrong.


- Sarah :-) said...

Let me be honest - I haven't been following the show. BUT thanks to your updates, I know feel that, when placed in a conversational situation, I can thoroughly hold my own when it comes to SYTYCD this season.

Thank you for that, April. Thank you.

Terri Peters said...

We voted for Chelsea and Will. Chelsea is creeping up on me and becoming my favorite. And we were undecided on the guys, so we picked Will because he likes to take his shirt off at every possible opportunity and this amuses us.

I know who I DON'T like more certainly than who I do: Comfort and Joshua. And, I'm still not a Katee fan except her technique is so good so I can't have her.

What did you think of all the "buck" calling?

Melissa Yao said...

April, I LOVE reading your analysis! It is always so entertaining. I will agree that I was highly disapointed that Comfort is back but I have to say I really felt like she stepped up her game (not that I'm a fan or anything). And Jesscia, what in the world! Two broken ribs and she thought it was just normal side pains! Crazy! Ok, but how hot did she look last night.

I agree the solos were BORING! Also, after last nights performences Kinsington has dropped down to the bottom for me. I LOVE Katee, Twitch, and Joshua.

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