Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My current mood.

April writing...(is this even neccessary anymore seeing as how my husband NEVER blogs??)

Anywho...my mood now...is a mixture of the following:


Now onto the WHY...

Planned = I am a planner by nature...post-it notes, to-do lists and more are my game. With Cory and I leaving on FRIDAY for our vacation to California, I need to make sure we are completely ready. So I am gearing up for that and basically set to leave. Minus packing...we don't do that till the night before. It works better that way.

That leads me to the next one...Excited = I am terribly excited about our vacation. Cory and I haven't been on a vacation alone (minus a few weekend getaways) since our Honeymoon. Granted all the trips since then have been a blast...it's just that with the growing possibility of baby-time coming we were eager to get in one last hooraaahhh! *And no, there is no baby news, it's just always on our lips like "maybe next month I'll get pregnant..." So there.

Disappointed = You won't get this unless you watch SYTYCD...but aparently stinkin' COMFORT is coming. Word is, Jessica King (I loved her...even though she was struggling) injured herself somehow and is following her doctors orders to pull out of the show and rest (which, personally is smart seeing as how if you are a dancer and you have an injury that doesn't heal right, you can lose your career)...but in that process we are gaining BACK Comfort. This upsets me...and I certainly hope that they extend an invite for Jessica to tour with the show if she is well! Oh well...hopefully Comfort will enjoy ONE more week and be GONE again...BOO!!

Creative = I am feeling creative as I am plugging away at work on Brittany's Baby Shower...and I am loving it. It's coming together very nicely. :)

Full = I am just full...had my sandwich at lunch and it really filled me up...it was wierd. Didn't eat my accompanying snacks. I did drink two bottles of water before hand, that may have put me over the top! :)

Tired = I am pooped. I went to bed late and didn't sleep that well and I am paying for it now. I can hardly keep my eyes open. bllleeehhhh!

And this was a very boring blog entry...

My b.


Anonymous said...

First off, I enjoy your blogs SO much and get so excited when I see a new one. Second, I am also disappointed about crummy Comfort coming back. James told me earlier today. I LOVED Jessica and felt so sorry for her with how the judges treated her. Mia (whom I adore) was way mean to her. Third, have fun in my native state. I miss Cali so much!


- Sarah :-) said...

It's cool. I am RIGHT there with you only I'd make the following changes: 1 - I'm not excited about an upcoming vacation becuase I'm still sad about how jam-packed and SO-NOT-relaxing the last one was; and 2 - torn, and I'll share that with you OFF the record.


Cory E. :) said...

I like your blogs none of them are boring to us that read them. I just wish I could get disaplined and blog more.

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