Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are at out hotel, but internet limited.

Cory Writing....

Hey guys we arrived at out hotel safely and we are enjoying our stay. The bed is a whole lot better for me, but now April doesn't like it.

I am sitting downstairs on the computer waiting for 12:15 because I need to check into our flight tomorrow, so I thought I would update you guys.

We checked into out hotel on Friday and then we took a little nap before heading to the Dodger Game. We went to the Dodger game and had a great time. It was so nice being back at Dodger Stadium. The game was very good and very quick (much to Aprils appreciation). The Dodgers were able to pull out a win, which doesn't usually happen when I attend the games.

Saturday we decided to head out to Hollywood and see the walk of fame, Rodeo Drive, and hopefully catch a peek at some stars. We were able to do everything, but catch a peek at some starts. Although we did see a security caravan leaving a hotel and we followed it a little bit, but then we got nervous that they might stop and come after us. So we stopped following and went back to Rodeo Drive.

We had a great time in Hollywood, but it wasn't all that. It was very dirty and ghetto.

Today we are just hanging out at the pool and then we are headed to a formula 1 track to drive some go-karts. Then we are going to April's Aunt's house again for dinner and to return some things she let us borrow. Well it is about time for me to check into our flight, so until next time.

Peace, Love, and Hair Grease.

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