Friday, March 14, 2008

My High Speed Pursuit...

*ok well, not MY high speed pursuit, but I was nearly involved :)

April writing by the way...
Not to be confused with the one of us who it would be more likely to be involved in a high speed pursuit! :)

So I am driving to work today...listening to the band 'Mercy Me' via CD, just enjoying the morning. I usually use my cruise control all the way to work, because I am basically on 100 for 15 minutes of the ride to work. At one point I glanced in my rear view mirror to see if there were any cars coming up behind me, because there are usually the few jerko's who just HAVE to pass you going 90, and I am a friendly morning driver, so I usually get over for them. Well, this morning seemed no different. When I looked in the mirror I noticed a Black either Durango or Trailblazer...I am no car expert...coming up VERY fast towards me! I think, 'This jerko-joker isn't even slowing down till I get over, I better get a move on it now!' Just then I look to my right (as I am in the fast lane) and there is a car there, so I speed up a bit to get over in front of him but I meet up with the tail end of another car, so I had to wait another second. I looked up front to wait till that car picked up some speed and then I put on my blinker and went to get over.

(Now mind you, this is literally all in the span of maybe 15-20 seconds...)
Just as I looked to my right I see "Black Durango-Blazer Jerko-Man" coming up RIGHT next to my car. And when I say RIGHT next to me, I mean, if it had been a sedan or another smaller vehicle, for sure we would have been playing patty-cake with our side-view mirrors. I yell, "WOAH!!!!" and quickly jerk my car to the left (past the rumble strips and OFF the road mind you) to let this guy come if I had a choice! Just then I look in my rear-view mirror to see if anyone else behind me had been road-tortured by this jerk, only to see about 9 patrol cars all with lights on and sirens blaring! (I just NOW hear them!!!) this guy isn't just a jerk-driver...he is running from the cops!!!

Once I get my wits about me, and get myself back on the the slow lane...haha, I decided to call the one person I knew could find out what in the world was going on! Cory. I quickly speed-dialed my already sleeping hubby. (he had just gotten off work at 7:45 am) When he answered, I said "WOAH, you have got to tell me what in the world is going on out here. I just got like ran off the road by this jerk being chased by 9 AA Cty patrol cars and a couple un-marked!!!" He was a bit groggy, but got up to get his radio. We then sat and listened to the the time he got the radio and got it turned on, they were already on 32 heading towards 178. (That is, in real driving time, about 10-12 minutes from the spot they were just at, like 2 minutes ago!) They were FLYING!!!

I finally got to work and had to hang up with Cory, who then said..."Well, now you got me interested, (like I pulled his arm!) so I will listen and call you back with what happens. About 25 minutes later I called him to see what was up. He said it had just ended. They had chased him all the way to DC and then they had to shut down the chase. (As AA Cty couldn't cross into that territory, so DC police took over.) Well, then the genius turns around and LEAVES DC, so AA Cty picked up the chase again. He ended up crashing in a ditch (like dumb people who run from the cops normally do) and he bailed out on foot. We caught him though. BOO YAH!!!

Turns out he robbed a convenience store or gas station with a gun, which is how this whole debacle began. WOW! To think that my poor car was almost scarred with the markings of a high speed police pursuit...not that I would have happy about that, but it would have been a better car story than say me hitting a shopping cart while pulling out of my spot at the grocery store!

Anywho...I am all good. Had a cool ride to work and now I am enjoying my not so busy day at work with all my windows open!!! Ahhhh, isn't life grand? :)


Brittany said...

Glad that you are okay. At the speed he seemed to be going, if he would have hit you, he might have caused some damage. But what if you were the one who stopped him. *Sigh* You were almost a hero. Good story and here's to the rest of your day being boring. =)

Cory E. :) said...

Hey baby just so you know you were right it was a Dodge Durango. He reached speeds of 90 to 100 miles an hour. He had just gotten onto 100. He robbed a gas station on Dorsey Road. He ended up getting a 5 million dollar bail.

Terri Peters said...

Well THAT is super-crazy. I'm glad you're okay!

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