Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update on my thoughts about His Story.

Cory Writing.......

I attended the His Story and as promised I went into it with a very positive attitude. Here is what I learned.

The production itself was very well written and very accurate. The acting was standard for people that don't act normally. While watching I realized that this play can't be classified as a bad play and it can't be compared to the play in California. It is so different from the play in California.

Our play in California was non-stop acting and singing. The play at Heritage is more of singing and then freeze frame type acting with a lot of narration. So I guess the play in California is like watching a movie and the play here in Maryland is like watching a powerpoint with narration and pictures flipping every so often. That is the best way to describe it, but as a good friend put it to me, "People are getting saved in both and that is what really matters." So good job to both churches for finding what works and who cares what I think and can or can't get over.

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