Monday, March 03, 2008

Clomid...the baby making drug...and HUGS :)

April writing...

I did it! I just took my first days dose of Clomid. *fingers crossed* I am absolutely hoping that this does the trick. In a nutshell for those that may be unsure what the Clomid will do for my is basically trick my brain into thinking that I haven't produced any 'eggs' so it will stimulate growth of the current eggs and increase growth of new eggs thereby increasing the odds of a pregnancy!! *sheeewww* There are a couple of possible side effects that I am hoping to miss out on...Hot flashes, Nausea, Dizziness, Headache and Mood changes. Yeah, I could do without those, however I will say...if we get wait, WHEN we get will be completely worth it!!

I don't's strange really. It seems that lately I have really felt the urgency of wanting a baby now. Maybe it is because we have been looking into it a little more...maybe it's due to the fact that two of my best friends are currently pregnant. (one has even threatened that if she doesn't get a pic of the three of us pregnant at the same time, she and her unborn peanut will be very unhappy :) haha!) I am just incredibly excited about the prospect of a baby. I am also just so pleased that I set forth a goal to lose weight on Jan. 2nd of this year and so far I have lost 16.4 pounds! Which I also think will help out tremendiously with this whole process. I am just really excited overall!!!

Well, here is a little something to brighten your day. When I think about the importance and greatness of a hug...the feeling you get when you get a big warm hug from a loved one or great friend. It jus warms every part of you. I think hugs are great...but don't do it all too often cause some people just put up this "no hug" barrier...and I am not one to push the envelope. I do however constantly bug Cory for hugs...and if I am not done I make him hold on longer!!! :) Anywho...just thought that could preface a little why I LOVE this video!! I want hugs like this!! :)

till next time...


Brittany said...

I am so excited to see what these next couple of days are going to do for you! I can only imagine the emotions that you are going through as well.
And can't we all just have a lion like that =)

Terri Peters said...

Yay for babies. : )

Lindsey said...

April, I am praying today that you will be having a little baby very soon! If I don't start ovulating on my own by June, they will put me on something to make me ovulate. Were you ever on the metformin?

Anyway, keep us posted! How long do they say it should take? I will pray that it happens in God's perfect timing...but mostly, that it would happen quickly :)

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