Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Almost to 10%

April writing...
Almost to 10% - March 5, 2008
I really can't believe that I have made it THIS far in such a short amount of time!! To think that about two months ago I was 18 pounds heavier and what feels like lazier and less driven. Not these days!! Man I have such a huge amount of energy and a desire to DO more and DO different things with my life!! I want to send a SPECIAL shout out to some special people!
First and Husband, Cory Jacob. Without you sweetie I would not be doing so well. You with your suttle compliments and humorous outlook on this process, you have helped me tremendiously!!! I LOVE you for that...and one day you will have a SKINNIER me to hug and less of my ARMS to squeeze. *wink wink*
Secondly, My Brittany. I know that she has been going through so much lately, but yet she still finds it in her heart to support and encourage me with every pound lost! Thank you and I can't wait to either be your little Butter-Bean's skinner Auntie or Pregnant Auntie! :)
Thirdly...My TT. Terri you have been amazing as well. Thanks for all your words of encouragment and above all thanks for INSPIRING me daily. Girl you may be nearing 8 months pregnant but your DRIVE and your AMBITION makes me want to be a better person. And if that means losing more weight to accomplish this things then consider yourself a STRONG driving force in my life!
Fourth...My sisters. Thanks to Bekah who always finds time to comment back (via text) and give me a big YEAH for losing each week and I am sure she would do the same even if I didn't lose one week! Thanks to Sarah for being there all day at work everyday to toss ideas back and forth about how we can BOTH eat better and take better care of ourselves for many years to come!
GOSH, there really are SO many more...but a big THANKS to Mom...I know she went through alot last fall but through that trial I found my will to beome a healthier person and for both her just being here and enduring that process with such vigor...THANK YOU!
I love you all...and this has been such an amazing process for me, and I can't wait to continue. I even feel that if Cory and I get pregnant before this process is complete..I am a better person for making these changes now!!!

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Terri Peters said...

Aww, I love you BB. You are equally an inspiration to me because you are showing me that although 1 lb here and .5 lbs here may be frustrating at times...eventually all those small accomplishments equal one BIG one! I will remember your weight loss journey as I start my baby weight loss journey in May! Love you.

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