Monday, March 10, 2008

Talk about r a n d o m...

April writing...
I know I have talked about the lady at work who has come to be known as "divorce lady" amongst some of the friends. Well, over the past three weeks her relationship with our office and some other employees has become rocky at best. She resigned her position and ever since our bosses have been playing accounting catch up!

Well today, of the bosses approaced my desk and said he had a "curve ball" for me and wanted to see what I thought. He then proceeded to ask me how I felt about stepping into the position of bookeeper for the company. (WOAH!) What???

I said, "Well, I am very honored by you thinking of me...however you do know that I don't have any bookeeping experience, right?" Of course he did know, he has afterall seen my resume when I was hired as the receptionist in October. He went on to say that he feels that the job is really just about 80% organization and 20% numbers and working with the computer. He also mentioned that he was going to run it by our outside accountants...and for all he knows, they may say that it isn't a good idea, and he should rather hire someone with bookeeping experience. But he wanted to see if there would even be any interest on my part first. He said that he would understand if I wanted to stay in my position where there was less stress etc. And he also said that with my organization skills I could easily do that job and still stay within my 30 hours.
So, I told him that I would talk it over with the husband and let him know what was decided on my part. And I don't know.

I mean part of my would like the pay increase to pay down some debt and finish jobs around the house and the other part of me really likes my easy job with great pay and no stress. Also, we are trying to get pregnant and I would hate to step into a position only to get pregnant and leave in 9 months...because I do plan on being a stay-at-home Mom after children. I guess Cory and I will just have to bat around the pro's and con's tonight.

I was just really taken back because I haven't ever had someone in my job, especially a boss, see my potential and really boost me up to think enough of me to put me in such an important position.

haha...we shall see what the decision is soon enough...although I think I am already leaning towards staying where I am. What are your thoughts??


Anonymous said...

I think you should do what is best for you. But I also say don't be scared to step up into a new position that may be opening to you for a really good reason. Definitely talk to Cory and see what he thinks. Much love!!! and Good Luck!!!


Brittany said...

I think that you do wonderful in whatever position you choose! So congrats at least for them to think of you! Finally someone wants to take advantage of your totally awesome skills (Hello heritage!)

Anonymous said...

I think what ever is best for the both of u finacially and what ever u feel is comfortable for u to do. Congrats on this oppertunity and for them to think of u for this.


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