Monday, March 31, 2008

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Today is MONDAY and I am EXCITED...*gasp* "Why?" you may ask am I so excted on a Monday???

Well it is because, Monday is a day closer to Thursday than Sunday was and two days closer to Thursday than Saturday was...and on Saturday, WE SOLD OUR COUCH and Thursday we PICK UP OUR NEW ONES!!! Yeah!!!

Granted, we weren't really excited to sell our couch, rather our sectional, as it was incredibly comfortable and nice and plush and great...but it took up TOO much space and it was not going to be able to fit in it's proposed future location...the basement, a.k.a. the Man Room, the Movie Theater, etc...It also blocked BOTH of the air/heat vents into the Living Room making that room slightly warmer or cooler than it should be in any given season! It also blocked, in my opinion the view of the perfectly wonderful HUGE picture window that we have in our LR. Boo. So it was TIME for it to go.

Thanks to Sarah for listing it for us...we got our buyer through that!!

Below I have taken a couple of pictures of our living room full of COUCH...haha!

See how it seems to cut off the full view of the picture window? I mean, can still see out of it...but's just not the same...compared to what is pictured BELOW...the vast emptiness that is our current living room.
Now for the pictures of our empty yet spacious living room without the furniture...Pickle and Olive LOVED it...plenty of room to play and fight with each other :) Cory did well to enjoy it as much as he could. In our little tiny video game chairs! :)

NOW...picture these...OUR NEW COUCHES in our Living room, come THIS Thursday afternoon. I can hardly contain myself. (apparentally since I have devoted one whole blog entry about it...yep, I am THAT bored at work! :)

Yep, there you will see ONE couch, ONE loveseat and ONE chair and ENDLESS seating arrangement possibilities!!!! I may just be even more excited about that aspect alone!!! With our old couch, we only had the option to place the couch as you saw it in the pictures due to it's size our LR layout and the couch layout itself. (being a sectional) It is a lovely light beige color with a dark wood trim accented on the bottom and lovely little buttons that give it a slightly modern charm. (Cory wasn't too fond of those though...I WAS! :) ) I will of course be swapping out the pillows unless they come in the solid matching color which may be a possibility.


I am just so pleased and ecstatic...the gals at small group tonight may not be so pleased, as we will be sitting on my dining room chairs instead of a comfy couch...but hey I'll throw out some yummy treats on the table...and next week it will be all better!!

Ok...I am pretty sure I am done talking about furniture now. *I am so simple* :)


Evolution of Brittany said...

From one person who wants new LR furniture to another who is getting new furniture.... HOW EXCITING!!!! Tonight will be an experience and next Monday will be a grand showcase of events. Can't wait to see what your new LR will look like!

Terri Peters said...

Love the new furniture. What happened to the black & white ones you used to want at Ikea?

Anonymous said...

Love the newness that is about to come to your home.


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