Thursday, March 13, 2008

April writing...

Oh heavens. I have just run across THE CUTEST site. Seriously, I can hardly contain myself.

It's (and trust me, this is no reference to my childhood love of cows. In fact, I can't seem to find any reason for them referring to their company as "Moo" but I am loving it.)

You can take your pictures and upload them onto Postcards, Mini-Cards (my personal favorite), Stickers and more!

I am really thinking that it woudl be a SUPER cute idea to use my Heartscape Design logo for the frontside of a Mini-card with my business information on the reverse. As apposed to boring old business cards! How much CUTER would that be??? AHHH!!!

And what is even that they sell these Mini-Card holders too.

THEN...there are the stickers. I am thinking about making a sticker book for each of my Neices and Nephew. They love to make funny faces and have me take pictures...who am I kidding I love it too!!! So I think it would be SUPER cute to take all thier funny face pictures and put them on stickers for them to have fun with! AHHHHH!

*in case you haven't figured it out...* I am bubbling with JOY. This is just TOO STINKING CUTE! AHHHH!

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