Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's that on your ring finger???

April writing...

Well, it's my REPLACEMENT!!! That's right...as blogged here:

I lost my lovely wedding/engagement ring set. I was so upset. I cried and cried on Monday (28th) because I just couldn't find it anywhere.

So, we talked and thought about it and Cory decided it was best to go get my 'upgraded' wedding ring model...seeing as how he had plans to do that on our 5th Wedding Anniversary anyways...it didn't quite work out like planned, but you will have ask him about that one :) *wink wink sweetie!*

So on the 8th (thursday) we went over to our normal jewelry store and met with Jimmy and Shawn, both eager to help. I tried on a few rings that I felt really suited my personality and taste, but Cory and I kept going back to one that was just so pretty, and not only that, it was hugely on sale.

*Sidenote - Now I am a very simple woman. I really am. Cory mentioned that he was going to get me a toy ring out of a gumball machine till I could get my replacement...and you know I would have proudly worn it until that time came. So in my brain, simple and on sale is GREAT!

With that said, the ring we kept going back to was slightly bigger (whole ring wise, not neccesarily diamond wise) than my original wedding ring. So I was kinda feeling that it was too much for my little finger. But Cory loved it, and I sure liked to look at it too. So we went for it...I figured I would try it out for 30 days and see how it felt...

Well it's been almost a week now and I am in love. I adore my ring! I think it is so perfect and in and of itself is really simple and pretty. Now, let's add some humor to the story...the NIGHT I brought it home a diamond fell out...(talk about BAD ring luck huh?!) well we took it back and I have a duplicate ring to hold it's spot till it is fixed. Cory is going to pick it up for me today while I cook our (one-day-late) Cinco-De-Mayo dinner! :)

Here's a PICTURE of my lovely little ring!!! I am in love with it...thanks for the little push Cory, you always know what works! I LOVE you dearly and thank you for making it so important for you to help me fix my mistake...I promise I won't lose this one :) *wink wink*


- Sarah :-) said...

as I told you in person - LOVE the ring! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Good eye, Cor... Good eye!!

Becky said...

Very pretty!!!

Brittany said...

Now watch you find your first ring somewhere. I am glad that you were able to settle on it and fall madly in love with such a pretty ring.

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful

- Sarah :-) said...

Re: crazy-insane month of may -

Shooo... you ain't playin' dawg!!

*sidenote (becuase of the ghetto talk) - I was watching an old episode of Reba the other day, and it was HILARIOUS... they did a little 5 minute American idol Parady, from back when Kelly Clarkson had a small part on it. HYSTERICAL!! I will have to find it and send it to you, but picture this: Brock is Randy (glasses, bling, and all), Cheyenne is Paula (yes... sounds drunk, kind've dances around), and Van is Simon (just awesome). You've GOT to see it!!

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