Saturday, May 31, 2008

L O S T....I am really LOST now.

April writing...

Oh my HEAVENS!!! If you haven't watched the Season Finale of LOST I am warning you now, there are MAJOR spoliers ahead. (If you haven't then what the heck are you doing reading my BLOG...go WATCH IT!!)

Let me just begin with the dreaded question that plagued me the entire first episode...Who is Jeremy Bentham? And why did no one want to go to his funeral? And if he WAS from the island, why didn't we know someone else was off the island?! What we know is this...Ben, Sayid, Sun, Aaron, Kate, Jack and Hugo were all off the island. We don't know HOW Ben got off the island, but we know he is off. Anywho....that bugged me!!!

They got me...when Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter...yeah I totally cried, until I saw him pop up and start swimming. Man they are good!

THEN you have the stinking freighter blowing up.....

WITH JIN on board!!! I totally cried then...and there was no him living after that point. Poor Sun was just screaming on the helicopter which killed me even more. I am so bummed about that!

I was however, very happy to see that it was Penelope on the boat that rescued them after the helicopter crash. That was a pleasant moment amidst all the madness!

Then after much planning and convincing on Jack's part they sail from the 'Rescue" boat to a nearby island to basically fake thier being rescued with this story about them being the only survivors from the plane, in order to keep everyone else safe.... on the DISAPPEARING ISLAND!!! WHAT??!?!?! the HECK?!?!?!?!? I mean, where is it? Seriously?!
...and Kate's a mommy now...(totally freaked me out when she was 'dreaming' about Claire being in the room!) If Claire is in the 'know' and by that I mean DEAD and knows what the crazy island is doing...then why is SHE saying NOT to take Aaron back!?!?!?

Then you have the COFFIN again...and the infamous "Jeremy" that I have been dying to know who it is this whole time...and boy did they DRAG out that scene!!! Then Ben showed up rambling on about how they ALL have to go back, every single one of them in order for the Island to 'let' them find it?!?! WHAT?!?!

AND "JEREMY" is LOCKE?? And he said after they left 'bad' things happened? What kind of bad things? He was in charge?? And how did BEN get off the island? And why is Locke DEAD? Did he really commit suicide? Or did someone kill him?? Ben maybe? Sayid maybe??? Sayid did kinda kidnap Hurley to 'keep him safe.'

WOW....seriously. My head is spinning and I already can't WAIT for next anyone else with me??? I am DYING to know all the answers?? What are your thoughts???? Feel free to send this post to friends and have them post thier thoughts too!!!!


Cory E. :) said...

Boring. Please end Gilligan's Island remake. ha ha

Brittany said...

YEAH!!!!! It really as the BEST episode ever. I might cry when this show is over. It's just so perfect. (I think i am in love)

Ashley said...

Ohh I know Im a little late on this one. But it just made me really excited for the next season as I was reading this. I swear this show has kept me on edge the whole time it has been on. ITs great but then frustrating becuase they always end a season with more questions and no answers lol.

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