Sunday, May 04, 2008

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April writing...

Yep! That's right! Cory and I have hit over 1000 visits to our BLOG!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Ok who's throwing the party??? I am quite excited...although *clearing throat and raising voice...* The visits FAR out number the COMMENTS!! *aaahhheeemmm* Excuse me, I feel better :)

In OTHER wait...let me change other GREAT news VERB Students Ministries' FIRST ANNUAL (as I am SURE it will be) Murder Mystery Theater was a HUGE-MONGOUS success!!! With the Cast, Crew and all the Guests...we had over 200 in attendance!!! That was just awesome! I think one of the greatest parts of that is that were so many people from the surrounding community and even other churches there!! It was a fundraising event to raise funds for the Youth Groups Missions trip to Puerto Rico. All the kiddos going on the trip where involved somehow in the event!

The CAST was amazing!! Saxony, Sam, Olivia, Corynne, Dan, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah, Summerly, Bekah, Cameron, Leon, Pastor Ed, all did an AMAZING job!!! I am just SO proud of ALL of you! I was just beaming sitting backstage as each scene passed just so eager for the audience to see the end! When I walked around during the table discussions I was SO excited to see the audience getting SO into the storyline and trying to figure out "Who-done-it". Some people were making notes on thier programs, some were passionatly discussing who they think did it and how. Then there were some that were trying to bribe Brittany for the answers!! The show ended beautifully!! The crew...Jason and PC you were great as well!! We couldn't have done it without you!! All the wait-staff...I am not sure who all helped...but you were AMAZING...and all the DESSERTS!!! THANKS Ladies Ministries!!! The night was just simply...SPECTACULAR. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. *although I am hoping that next time the AIR works a little better...geessshhh!!!* I am so eager for our next one and I hope that it DOES get bigger and better just like Brittany said!

Check out PICTURES from the evening!


Brittany said...

It really was great and it was so wonderful to see each student own each role. Though I do have to admit, I think Olivia was the crowd favorite. No one could handle seeing Liv like that. It was great and really their best performance. I am sure you feel as proud as a momma bear! Can't wait until next year!

Cory E. :) said...

April, just know that a lot of the success credit goes to the great leadership that you displayed putting this mammoth event together. Great Job, Great Control, Great Communication, and overall Great Event.

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