Friday, May 30, 2008

Stuffy McSneezy-Head

April writing...

I've got 'em. Allergies. And today I woke up with them like major bad.

Not too sure why they are so bad...all I know is that I have sneezed about 58.3 times just since I got into work at 9:25 am and I have blown my nose more times than I would like to count! My medicine is doing me no good yet and that is majorly annoying me. I guess it may be so bad because we sat outside for 3 hours at Cory's graduation last night (I will let him blog about that, since you know it was Cory that graduated!). Then we also slept with like every window in the house I guess I did it to myself.


Oh how I would love to return to the time of nose dripping, because anything is better than like barely being able to breath! I am a major mouth breather today and I have the worst case of cotton mouth because of it.

So I am off to drink lots of water and to eat my orange in hopes of boosting my Vitamin C intake.

April + Allergies = One long Friday.


Brittany said...

Oh no!!!! Maybe you too should go see your doctor about hooking you up with some meds. I only have itty-bitty allergies, nothing that compares to you and Jason so I can sympathize. I love you name though. (You should call Cory Grumpy McGrump-a-lot on those days that he is just real nasty)

- Sarah :-) said...

Aww... poor thing!! At least you take medecine. Kyle drives me ABSOLUTELY BATTY with his sneezing every 5 minutes, adn he won't take ANYTHING! AHHHHHH!!!!

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