Monday, May 05, 2008

Astigma Rectus

April writing...

"When your eyes line up with your butthole and you have a crappy outlook on life."

Wow. Sounds funny I know...but to me it makes complaining and whiney-ness sound like a disease. Well, in actuality I think it kinda is.

I think it may start small, like most say, with a headache. Then it slowly increases the more we whine and the more we complain the bigger the headache gets, it attacks the mouth and the complaining and whining gets worse. We complain about everything, other people, thier lives, our job, our school, our life.

It may seem that we are stuck in a rut of complaints and an overal disapproval of any given situation then it effects our we see things. Then all things seem to become something worth complaining or whining over. Then it effects our we hear people. When we are complaining we hear only negative, what tickles our ears and justifies our usually overly negative thoughts. Then still the headache progresses and effects our hands and feet, and we refuse to work hard to fix or remedy a situation or we refuse to walk over to a person and solve a conflict and even more we refuse to live life...we swallow ourselves up in this little complaining tornado and just sit spinning in circles all the while each situation getting worse and worse due to our negative outlook.

And then after all that...all the unresolved situations, all the things we shouldn't have said, all the things we should have said instead....and it hits our heart. The center of our being. This is the final straw. This is where you only have a few chances to make things right, to steady your site lines on a new take your medicine...let's say "swallow your pride." This may be the hardest part. By now you are so stuck in your complaining ways, that you see negative, you hear negative, you do negative and you just overall feel negative. I think it is at this point where we actually 'lose' ourselves. We become a shell of our former self...this negative-bitter-complaining shell of a person who once lived life fully.

It is a disease. Astigma Rectus..."where your eyes line up with your butthole and you have a crappy outlook on life."

I am challenged by this. I don't consider myself to be a big complainer or whiner. But I do know that there are times when I will allow a poor situation to take root in my life and effect all areas of my the end making me a bitter person regarding that situation. You can ask my husband...I do my BEST to always try and see GOOD in a situation. To see the POSITIVE side of things...when it comes to people, I always try and be aware that there is ANOTHER side to the situation, the other persons point-of-view. It's hard and I believe for us, as human as we are this can be a fight that many of us lose.

I know after typing this and thinking about this...I don't want to be that person. Allow me to complete my theme...I wish to take this moment to "vaccinate" myself from this "Astigma Rectus." Now with that said, I know that there will be bad days, and bad situations and even bad people that come through my life, but there is always another side...a better side...a side that won't KILL me (who I really am)!!

Have you been checked for "Astigma Rectus?" Just curious.


- Sarah :-) said...

Yep. I had my "Astigm-enema" a few months back. Now I feel great! ha ha... :-P

Eeww... yes - I just said that. But I've been in a similar boat, lately, trying to assess myself and make changes like this - did you read my blog today about Debbie Downer? Good times... seems like we sisters still think along similar lines sometimes after all!

Where'd you get this "Astigma Rectus" name - can I steal it?!

Becky said...

I totally agree. Sometimes I get stuck and whine over something so simple...but then when I step back, I get a better view of things and realize it's not as bad as I thought it was and I feel much better than before. Great post!

Brittany said...

Pssh, I am constantly coming down with Astigma Rectus. =) Though I am trying to be more open and willing when it comes to certain situations.
Good blog, we all need to be reminded about how lucky we are to just be alive and the things that we have.

Cory E. :) said...

Hey baby good blog. It is funny I am reading this blog after having an hour long conversation about how negative this job is. Kind of funny.

DeAnn said...

So true and eye opening. You rock for posting it! Hope to meet you when you come out to Cali. :)

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