Monday, November 19, 2007

Cory's a NEWBIE!

Hello All,

This is my first time doing this blog thing so bear with me as I learn to navigate this new thing. I am a little frustrated right now because I have so much I want to accomplish today, but I can't sleep. I work the midnight shift which is 11 pm to 730 am, so I am normally up at this time, but I am off right now so I try to sleep at night so that I can be a normal human during the day. This doesn't seem to be working very well.

The plans for today are to go to my Chiropractors appointment and then I will go to my parents house to help my father with an electrical problem he is having. Then I am planning to come home and work on my bathroom downstairs. I am framing in a new bathroom downstairs and I am finding that I really enjoy doing construction projects.

I am also hoping that the artist that is working on the artwork for an Organizational License plate I am creating for Maryland calls me and tells me that he is done. If he calls me then I will be making a trip to the Motor Vehicle Administration to kick off the creation of this license plate. So excited about this adventure.

I will fill you guys in on this adventure next time. So until next time Adios.
Cory signing out.


1 comment:

April E. :) said...

Good job baby!!! I knew you had BLOGGER in you!

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