Friday, November 30, 2007

It's MY business :)
Well, I just updated my Custom Scrapbooking business site. It still seems cheesy to me, but I guess that is the best I am going to get until I can afford to pay to host my my own domain and maybe get some nice software to make a nice page...until then, this will have to do.
Business on the CS (Custom Scrapbooks) end is kinda slow. I have a project in the works with a friend of mine that got married about six months ago. It should be a fun, different project. We will be using Black and White pictures with an Asian theme throughout. Blacks, Red, Golds, etc. So I am excited. I just bought a bunch of paper for her project...that was fun. To me, scrapbook shopping to me is probably like clothes shopping is for other girls. I LOVE deals and I LOVE when you find the perfect fit for your page!!!
Here is a little slideshow I made of a few of my scrapbooking examples.

Nice huh? There are just the neatest programs on the internet to make all this neat stuff with! Anywho...

This weekend. I don't think Cory and I are doing much. We have a Core Leaders meeting at Jason and Brittany's house tonight (The Youth Pastor and his wife...our good friends.) I hope that goes well. We are going to be talking about "Clarifying a Win" in the youth department. So basically setting small but specific goals for making things "happen" in the youth department! I have pretty much been bored out of my mind at work this week, so I took lots of "extra" time to read our required reading and prepare for the meeting. I typed up all my notes, came up with lots of ideas and made lots of points...I'm such a kiss-up! haha!
Saturday, I think we are hanging around the house for the cable guy. Don't even get CORY started on that whole situation. Let's just say that before it was all said and done we have a discount on each bill for $10 for our "trouble." SWEET! haha! Who doesn't like a discount!? We will probably also hang more drywall in the bathroom downstairs and head towards finally finishing that half bath project! I will be so excited then!!
Sunday will of course be church...Cory and I have's the last of 4 of our membership classes at church. I know, I know...we have each been at the church OVER 12 almost 18 years haha! But these are to solidify the "salubrious" nature that our church is moving into. (Salubrious means "An environment of health and well being.) So basically, these classes are so that we are all on the "same page." At least that is how I look at them. And this is our LAST one :) yeah! :) Then I think that is all we have for the day!!! Rest and Relaxation and some of our favorite shows!! Maybe we can watch them on our new TV in the bedroom. Yep, we did it. We bought a 32" LCD flatscreen to replace the other MONSTER we had in there. Cory was supposed to be spending today hanging it, we shall see how that went when I get home from work!! :)
OK....that's enough babbling for one maybe CORY will update next!!! Have a great day, talk to you soon!!!

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