Friday, November 16, 2007

new hair.

Well, I finally got the haircut I wanted! I tell you what, when I went back the second time to have them "fix" my got shorter and shorter and I got SO nervous!

But when I came home and styled it and then Cory saw it, I knew it was good. He really liked it!!! That made me happy.

Now, I am still working on the styling aspect...that is hard. I haven't ever really used a straightener before...but so far it is great. I just want to make sure my hair doesn't look like a 6 year old with a bowl cut do :)

Here it is...what do you think?

It's not the greatest picture, I took it with my phone...bleh. Anywho...we shall see.'s finally FRIDAY...and I am so happy. Not that I hate my job, but I just want more me time and work is getting in the way! Cory and I have hardly seen each other lately, cause he has been working so hard and I have been so busy, so this next week should be nice. I have both Thursday and Friday off (with pay...bonus!) so I am excited! We gotta get some christmas shopping done...soon! We are so past our normal shopping deadline, but we have been doing alot of money shuffling, etc. We are trying to pay down some debt and get ourselves in a happy financial situation and that takes patience and putting off christmas shopping for now! :)
Tomorrow is Turkey Bowl flag football day....our annual thanksgiving tradition at church. Not too sure if I am playing yet or not. The field is right down the road from our house, so I may just take Pickle on a walk and enjoy watching the game!
Talk atcha later gators!


Becky said...

As I said on myspace, I love it, your hair that is. I think it really fits you. Glad this time around turned out better for you. I hope you have a relaxing weekend with your hubby. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi April, I like the new doo. Your pics of the wedding were great. I so miss you and Cory. When I see pics it makes me want to see you right now. I will send the addresses. Love you two. Aunt Vicki

goldie vires-morrow said...

Hair looks nice. I just found out Dave is a Black Friday shopper...

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