Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey and Shaved arms...

Turkey Day is all over now. It was a nice time with the family and friends. I hope that each of you enjoyed your days as well!!!
This has been a slow weekend and beginning of the week. I am sure it will fly by, after all it is the holidays...before we know it, it will be MARCH!!! ahh! Craziness!
Random fact - I shaved my arms today. I have been wanting to do it for a while now...I think my arms are too hairy and it bugged me for the last time! They are SO soft. I know it seems a bit crazy...but I am cool with it so far!!!
I know this seems to be a rather boring entry...don't have much to say really. I actually should be going to bed, cause I stayed up too late last night watching "Mr Brooks." It was really weird, you had to really pay attention to the movie. I would recomment it! It was a Decent mind-bending thriller type movie. (I feel like an advertizement!) ha!
OK, no more typing...I am going to take my advice...BED TIME!

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