Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Merona Brown Peep-Toe Pumps,

April writing...

Momma wants you!

You are shown in rich brown embellishments with leather-look trim, button accents and a suede upper with thermoplastic rubber out soles. You have a 2.75" faux-stacked heel. you feature slip on styling with a flirty peep toe. You have a cushioned insole for long-term comfort, a tag less foot bed and non-skid tread on your toe and heel . You are beautiful, stylish and comfortable...and even decently priced at $24.99 at Target.

However, we have a slight problem. I can't justify buying you.

You see, Momma doesn't have any tan, brown, chocolate (brown family) pants or skirts to accompany you. So buying you now would only mean shoving you in the closet till a later date when said "brown-ish" accessories are purchased.

And who knows how long that will be?! Although I am in desperate need of an update to my work/church wardrobe...we are working with a budget planning is necessary.

But don't worry little one. I shall not forget about you...NO...instead, I have placed a picture of you in my phone to sit as a constant reminder that you are waiting for me any one of my local Targets, should the perfect time arise to come and whisk you away to the paradise that is my future closet.

Our day will come my little brown stylish friend...our day WILL come.


- Sarah :-) said...

Umm... *cough cough* HELLO!! Do you have a denim skirt? Or pair of nice demin pants? They'd go PERFECTLY!!

I say that's all the justification you need, for a $24.99 pair of shoes at Target (pronounced like it's french).

Monica Dawn. said...

I'm So excited that you dedicated a Blog to SHOES!!! Bra-va!! There are more people like me!!!!

Monica Dawn. said...

Ha Ha. And for Sarah it's pronounced Tar- Ghzay!

- Sarah :-) said...

Thanks, Monica!! ;-)

Brittany said...

I agree with everyone else.... JUST GET THEM ALREADY!!!!! And then just work them into your wardrobe. By the time you finally go out and start buying new clothes, this shoe will be long gone and then you will wish you would have bought it. So go, now, and buy them!!!!

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