Monday, September 08, 2008

I know it.

April writing...

I know, I know...our template is terribly boring...but I can't help it for now. I want a template that will alot my words to stretch out across the screen instead of this tiny little columns that trails unending down to the bottom of a very long page!!! So there, for people (and you too Cory!)

Wow...Monday already...and I am totally yelling at myself for going to be so late last night, but I couldn't help it really! You see...we sold 2/6 (like my use of fractions there Britt!) of our bedroom furniture...scam free using Craigslist. *yeah* so I apparently batted my eyes (who knew I had such power!) and convinced Cory to go get one of the new pieces for our room. So our now homeless clothes would have a place to stay. So we headed off to Ikea and picked up our new Hemnes 6 drawer chest. This is what we were getting...

Once we got home, my dear, sweet, patient, wonderfully talented hubbs put it together while I made a yummy steak and potatoes dinner (we are simple people really. :)) And once it was all together, we moved around a few items in the room, vacuumed and added it to it's new space in the room. I think it works beautifully. (the picture however is NOT very b.)

Personally I feel like it already opens the room up...I can't WAIT to finish replacing the other furniture once it all sells!! Anyone looking for some Ikea furniture in great shape...? I would LOVE to sell it to you!!! *wink wink*

Ohhhk moving on...I have come to the realization that I spend my mornings getting caught up on other blogs that I read (thanks to the wonderful all-mighty Google Reader...thanks TT!) and then before I know's after lunch...I have read all my blogs...done all my at-work work and then I sense the void....the void that says I haven't blogged. So here I am...blogging. Although there isn't much to say sorry on that front.

I can say that according to the new Weight Watchers "Lose for Good" campaign...I have lost one pound since it started...which equates to milk for 9 children for a month. Hot dang that's exciting!!!

and quite random too. I may quit now while I am ahead...till next time!

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