Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pipe Bombs, Divorces and Massages...oh my!

I guess I should say....

April writing....


Wow...thursday has prooven to be quite exciting so far! On my way to work I got a call from Mom...asking me to check with Cory to see what was going on up around my youngest sisters High School. Apparentally there were a ton of patrol cars out front and at a neighboring school. You see this week alone, they have had a pipe bomb explode in the back of a pick-up truck in the school parking lot...the next day there was a 'non-specific' threat made, so the school was on lock-down for a couple hours and then this today. Cory checked into it and apparentally there is a barricade situation (Cory could elaborate more on what that is) in the near-by neighborhood of Old Mill and so they have the school on lock-down again, I guess due to proximity of the lock-down location. three. Poor Bekah (youngest sister) ehh.

Continuing on....THEN I get into work. Now, brief update without getting personal on my co-worker's behalf. A co-worker has been going through a really nasty seperation...and she has been taking it really hard, understandably so. Well, she called out yesterday, again. She has missed alot of work, due to doc appt's and misc 'seperation' related stuff...well yesterday one of the 'bosses' plainly let her know to becareful. In so many words, he let her know that her job could be in jerpardy if she wasn't more careful with her time here at work as well as getting the personal situation under control. Well, she apparentally took that the wrong way. I guess sometime in the evening (my other co-workers work 10 hour days, I only 6 hours) after I left yesterday, she called in and RESIGNED. Now, during a situation like she is in, I wouldn't think that resigning from a job you have had for 12+ years is a smart thing to do. Then again, I don't think she is thinking straight. So long story short, some things were said and apparentally 911 was called in order to try and get her some help.

Which leads me to how I found out about the situation. I came in this morning and her office was dark, so I assumed she called out again. (she is usually here long before I am in the morning) Well my phone had a Alarm call message. It said, "Alarm #11 Emergency, Ext 104" on my id screen. I hadn't seen this before so I looked in my phone instruction book and it said that that specific alarm message means that "911 was called from that extension." So I asked Stuart about it....the boss...and I was clued in to the situation. *sheeewwww* Anywho, I certainly hope that everything is ok with her. I know it is not an easy situation she is in. And it looks like we may be getting another new employee soon, so I hope for an easy transition there as well.

Cory came up to my work neck of the woods today for his Valentine's Day massage. He said it was pretty nice...but the place where he went was having a door he said there was drilling going on during his massage. So I am not very happy that I paid for a noisy massage. So, they will be hearing from me later Then he came to my office and we went and had lunch! Yeah so nice!!

Well, that's enough for now...
OH BTW...actually I don't know if I have completely filled you all in on this...but Cory and I are really gearing up for I met with a reproductive specialist, as we are going on two years of 'trying' with no success. And well, I will be seeing him tomorrow morning for a sonogram to check out my goods...haha...and then starting some medication. This medication will hopefully help aid us in a successful pregnancy!! So we shall see. I have many butterflies, but I am VERY eager and excited as well!!

Will keep you updated! Later Gators!

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Terri said...

I was thinking the other day about the divorce lady and wanted to ask you for an update and I forgot all about it. Geeze.

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