Thursday, February 28, 2008

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So eventually I left some things out on my last blog and I have heard my fan's requests for more, so here is your more.

The class that I am currently enrolled in is going OK. I have only had one test and I score a solid C on that test. My second test is this evening and hopefully I will do a little better on this one. When I finish this class I will be graduating this spring and I have sent in my graduation application, so I am waiting for them to do an audit and let me know if indeed I am graduating. If I graduate I will be definitely walking across the stage. I spent ten years earning this thing I want to walk that stage.

Ok so hopefully that answered all the questions of my last post..... on to today's post.

My wonderful wife bought me an hour massage for Valentine's Day. I scheduled my appointment for today, which works out well because I have a test tonight, so I am relaxed. The place where the message was is called Massage Envy.

I walked in and they took me to this seating area, where they had mood lighting and calm music playing. I had to fill out a form with my information and a little questionnaire about problem areas to give them focus points. So while I am filling this form out the mood was ruined by this guy drilling hole in the door way for a new door. I finished the form and handed it in and my Message Therapist came in and escorted me to the room. I got situated on the bed and she came back in to start my massage.

The bed was really cool because it was heated and it was at the right temperature, which was nice. The massage therapist started the massage and it felt oh so good. I don't know of too many things better than a massage. Then right in the middle of my great massage the door dude starts drilling into floor and know it sounds like he is just on the other side of my room. Annoying. Then to add to my frustration my therapist kept talking to me and asking me questions. She even made a comment about how annoying the drilling is and how they should have done it earlier in the morning or later at night. So she finished the massage and I felt very good despite the little inconveniences.

I walked out front to pay and the lady at the desk says, "How was you massage?" I said it was very nice. Then she said, "you weren't disturbed by the drilling were you?" I stated, "Yeah a little bit." Her response, "Oh I'm sorry, we had a door there and it kept hitting our customers so we decided to change it out." That is all she said, so customer service at Massage Envy isn't anything to envy. Overall my experience was ok, but not good enough to go back and spend my hard earned money, unless they want to give me a free trial and try to make up for their mistake.

We will see because my wife will be contacting them later today to give them a piece of her mind. I did get to have a nice lunch with my wife after my massage and that is always nice. I miss my lunches with my wife. When she worked closer we would do lunch at least once a week, but know she works in Columbia and I can't go to Columbia in my patrol car. Oh well that makes them more special i guess.

Well that is all for know..... I will let you know if my wife gets me another massage....

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Terri said...

Terri Peters would be writing the folks @ Massage Envy a nice little letter. I can do that if you need me to. : )

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