Friday, February 29, 2008

I'll brag on MYSELF then!

April writing...

Since my hubby is slow and I want to brag on myself...I must notify our faithful readers that I DID indeed get Cory another massage due to his noisy first massage yesterday! I called and rather politely explained that I was "upset that I paid as much as I did for a Valentine's Day massage for my husband and he couldn't even enjoy what should have been a peaceful experience." She comped him a massage. *slyly bobbing my head with confidence* That's how I roll! :)

Moving on to bigger news! I had my sonogram today! Yes, I drove myself into Baltimore (thank you TomTom) and met with the doctor. During my sonogram he measured all my pieces parts and took note of other important aspects, i.e. the # of follicles I had. (between 15-20) Which is really good. I start my medication on Monday for a cycle of 5 days. Then we let nature takes it's course. So keep us in your prayers that we will come out successfully pregnant!!!!

It's finally Friday...and I am SUPER excited. I am not sure why, but Friday's make me think of Spring. Probably because I see the possiblity of spending Saturday working in my yard...something I am really excited about this spring. But then I walk out and get slapped in the face with the 35 degree That means no yard work for ANOTHER weekend, and instead it means more laundry work. Who likes that? We shall see...Saturday will also include sleeping in...always good. After that maybe Saturday will take me into some more exciting ventures...Sunday has potential too.

Talk to you all soon!!!

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