Monday, January 09, 2012 - Week 1


So we joined and we LOVE it. We just completed our first full week on the program, although we didn't utilize the entire menu because we had some events going on. In fact we only made 3 meals from the was enough to know that we made a good choice in joining!

I'll share...
bear in mind these are the greatest photos, I just snap them with my phone righrt before dinner for our FB friends...

Monday, January 2nd was "Upside Down Pizza."

To be honest...when I looked at the recipe, it didn't scream PIZZA to I added some pepperoni, but it was DELISH! We really enjoyed it!
We joined the Walmart Dinner for 2 plan...and it was the perfect amount of food for us with a little leftover. Although after cooking crescent rolls on top of meat in the oven, it didnt' heat up well. So the leftover were tossed.

Tuesday, January 3rd was "Creamy Chicken Enchiladas."

I was a little nervous about this one as well because it had a sour cream and green chilies sauce, instead of the traditional red enchilada sauce. I wasn't sure how that would fly with my sour-cream hatin' Husby...but...he loved it! And so did our guest for the evening.
The meal called for 4 rolled enchiladas and I didn't know if it would be enough for all of us, knowing right off the bat it was an uneven number for 3 people. I mean, would we just split the 4th one three ways?
That was an easy fix...there was plenty of fixin's to go in the enchiladas and I was able to split it into 9 smaller enchiladas that fit perfectly in a 13x9 casserole dish.
It was also very yummy!

At this point in the week...we knew we would have a night off and a night out, because we normally eat out after church on Wednesday. Then Thursday Husby was really feeling pizza, so I gave in and we postponed one of the meals. Friday we had a party and Saturday night it was time to enjoy another homecooked meal!

Saturday, January 7th was "Worcestershire Chicken on White Rice, Glazed Carrots and Cornbread." BAM!

Oh man was it yummy. I hadn't cooked carrots in...years...seriously. Even though they were glazed I still put carrots in my body, which is saying something! :) I promised myself and Husby that we would be adding MORE veggies to our meals this year and is helping us do just that!!


Sunday was supposed to be "Penne Sausage" but due to the BRONCOS game it got pushed to tonight! And a point worth making...Instead of ordering out for food, we ate food from the house. Good  move! :)

...After our first week, albeit not a full one...we are still so pleased with E-mealz!! If you haven't tried it, you should! Follow any of the links above or clink on any of the banners in this post or on my blog! It's worth trying.
Take the fuss and mess out of planning and make dinner time a little more interesting!

Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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