Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too impatient...that's my problem.

April writing...

Two different evenings since last Wednesday I have gone into my craft room and tried to sew more cloth baby shoes. Both evenings I have sorely butchered one of the shoes I tried to sew. I don't know why so much...it's basically my impatience. I want to have some made so I can sell them and give them away as I see fit...but I need to slow down.

I need to dedicate a day where it's just me and I can go down there without worrying about taking time away from the Husby (although I am sure he wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch while I sew). I need to pace myself and make them step by step.

I will get them done. And to drive myself in a more adult way...I will release the name of my soon-to-be Etsy shop...

"Wittle Feets and other Treats"

I plan to have baby shoes, headbands, wallets, etc. Just lots of cute, fun, homemade stuff for sale.

Some day soon...when I have slowed down and paced myself and just calmed down. ha! I guess my excitement got the best of me! :)



Brittany said...

I must say how much ladybug loves her slippers. I keep them on her feet now instead of socks. Because... #1 Her feet don't get as sweaty. #2 They are cuter than socks and my favorite #3 NO LINT!!!

- Sarah :-) said...

Is there any chance we coudl get a picture of your little model *cough*Tessie*cough* to show off your design?!

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