Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing....

My simple pleasure this week happened last night at Verb (youth service). Jason had a message planned, but before he could get up to speak we had praise and worship. During praise and worship God started to do an amazing work. It was really powerful, it was like you could feel the holy spirit open the doors to the room and walk in. It was truly an awesome service and we never did get to Jason's message, but I believe that some youth had awesome break through. Thank you God


- Sarah :-) said...

That's SWEET! I love it when God surprises us like that. Our service at church was awesome, too! We usually have about 30 minutse of worship on Wednesdays and then break off into classes for the adults. But it was SO awesome that the worship pastor (who is also the interim youth pastor) had to jet downstairs for youth, so the piano player kept on playing while people prayed, etc. Well, when I went out of the youth room to grab something, I heard them upstairs, still going strong. How awesome!!

My simple pleasure this week is simple phrases. Let me explain on my blog... check it out.

April E. :) said...

My simple pleasure is gardening and see the benefit. I am just so excited to garden this year...I have done so poorly in the past...and I have BIG dreams for my yard...this year is the YEAR! I can feel it!

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