Monday, April 21, 2008

Secret S T A T S

April writing...
The Secret STAT challenge *thanks Lindsey

We are all a little random at heart...especially me. So here goes, *you are about to take a trip through my brain* be afraid, be very afraid...You'll know be better in the end, if you didn't already know me well enough :)

*I am newly addicted to Hershey's 100 Calorie Choclate Wafer Bars (only 2 points on WW)
*I have three grandparents still living, one that just celebrated his 90th Birthday :)
*I want two kids....boy first, then girl (you know, in case someone is listening heehee)
*I grew up being called "Grape Ape" and "Apee" by friends and family
*I thourghly enjoy MTV Drama...not sure why, cause I always feel dumb after watching haha!
*I am bummed that this is ER's last season on TV...I have been watching since before Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway got together and had twins.
*I enjoy a good long shower before bed most nights
*I love having my toenails painted, but HATE painting them myself, but what is worse is having someone else do them. Ick *feet are nasty*
*I love the smell of clean sheets and I drive my husband nuts washing our sheets and stuff all the time (don't even get me started on how often HE says I should clean them...eww)
*When I am sick, I clean. It makes me feel like I am cleaning out the ick that got me into the sickly predicament to begin with.
*I am a lover of music, but can rarely pick a favorite song, band, musician, etc.
*My therapy is Scrapbooking and's not neccesarily cheaper.
*My new hero = Martha Stewart
*I would, if we could afford it...have our own house built to our liking.
*I enjoy reading, but don't do it near often enough
*I have never broken a bone, or even come close.
*I have sprained the same ankle 6 times (and bad too)
*I am the oldest of three daughters...and we are all VERY different.
*The older I get the more I am like my mother
*I much prefer texting or face to face talking rather than talking on the phone.
*I LOVE to sing in the song of choice..."I need a Hero." Although I do usually end up changing the words to suit what I am thinking about...haha...Or if I need Cory's attention to bring me something while in the soap, shampoo, etc.
*I have a phobia of fleas and I wash my dogs non-stop to keep them clean and flea free.
*Also dog related...I don't want someone to come in my house and know I have dogs by the smell...they have to smell clean or close to it and so does my house.
*I have been extremely overly gentle on our new sofas, I am too worried about wearing them in too soon. haha
*I have to wear water shoes in the ocean, even IF I can see my feet. Too much going on below the surface for my bare footsies.
*I secretly wish I could do gymnastics or dance
*I can't wait to be a mother...I have so many amazing ideas and goals...can't wait :)
*I love to make my husband laugh...the real laugh, where he sheds baby tears and can't catch his breath. It's just too cute.
*One day I will write my children's day
*My alltime favorite movie is a dead tie..."Tommy Boy" and "The Princess Bride"
*I am addicted to internet communication...Myspace, Facebook, Blogging, Email, and the like. Seriously I am on daily at work...ALL DAY
*I would LOVE to be a better photographer
*I can't STAND putting on lotion before I go to bed.
*Who am I kidding, I can't stand putting on lotion...but I gotta
*I didn't get my ears pierced till I was almost 18 and that was only cause my boyfriend at the time (one of 3 1/2 years at that point) got me earrings for prom, and forgot I didn't EVER have my ears pierced.
*I love longer nails, but they get in the way of life.
*I eagerly anticipate sneezing, it always makes me head feel good.
*I can't go one day without clapping...seriously I have noticed this lately. I clap at the most random times, when I am excited...when I am trying to dance, to music, etc. It's nuts.
*My pinky toe is the most ticklish part of my body.
*I am organized...really really organized. Yet there still seem to be areas of my life, where that doesn't apply.
*I do not enjoy being tickled.
*I apparentally like talking about myself, cause I just keep spitting out random facts....

OK who's next...share your secret stats people!!


Terri Peters said...

Its a good thing you did get your ears pierced because I really like the earrings I got you last year for your birthday.

Brittany said...

I really thought this was a good idea. And I read Lindsey's too. Where in the world does she come up with all this? Smart girl!

Cory E. :) said...

Lots of secret things just put out in the open. Ha Ha .Good blog.

Nikki Jomidad said...

Apee, I wish I were as creative as you! I could sit here all day and all night and I could NEVER come up with that many random thoughts about myself! I wouldn't even know where to start! I think you need to send some creative vibes my way! LoL

Oh yeah... have you ever seen that stick on polish from Avon? I've never tried it personally but I've heard it works pretty well... that may just be the solution to your toenail polishing dilemma! LoL

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