Wednesday, April 30, 2008


April writing...


So I love my job. I do. But somedays when I have ABSOLUTELY no work to is KILLER! Take today for instance. I made the mistake of going to weigh in at the 10:30 class rather than the lunchtime class, cause my tummy was a-rumbling. And after that, the rest of this blessed LONGEST day ever has dragged on and on and on!! *Note to self* NEVER take an early lunch.

I have filed all that needs to be filed and then some I re-filed.
I have updated our Birthday and Address list with our new employees information.
I have called back clients for one of the bosses.
I have ordered more postage.
I have priced and compared cordless headsets for my desk.
I have dusted, cleaned and slightly re-arranged my desk.
I have opened and distributed all the mail.
I have cleaned out "My Documents" and "My Pictures".
I have surfed more internet than I care to relive.
I have looked for pics and ideas for VERB and POLARITY advertising.
I have surfed eBay and looked at some wild live auctions.
I am dying.

and I have




Now granted, I could be awating amazing news of the sex of my baby like Jason and Brittany, as I am sure their days are creeping along till then.
I could be awaiting the birth of my child by induction like Terri and Andrew, I know she is anxious.

So yes, I understand that one hour is NOT that bad.

but still.

I have resorted to BLOGGING about how bored I am. Blogging it. Like you want to READ that!!

Oh, well I wish I had more to say...but for all the useless information and items I have run across on the internet today, I still have NOTHING to say.

oh well. Off to do more incredibly boring nothings till I leave now in 57 minutes. Adios.

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- Sarah :-) said...

Dude - complete boredome at work is why I STARTED my blog. I feel you... BOO on early lunches!

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