Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sew? Scrap? Digi-Scrap? Photography?

April writing...

I just don't know what I am into anymore. I mean...I know I can do different things...but I really want to be good and into just like one thing.

I love to sew.
I love to scrapbook.
I love to digi-scrapbook.
I love photography.

I mean, I guess I can do it all...but I feel creatively pulled. I know this seems silly...especially to devote an entire post to. You are probably thinking...what's the harm do them all.

But then there is the subject of time & money.

Let me show you a few thing that I love...

I wanna sew cute things like this....

I want to make super cute digi-pages like this...

I want to make real scrapbook pages like this...

And take pictures like this...

All of it...just screams to me...

Although, if I had to rate them in order of things I want to do...from

  • Photography
  • Digi-Scrap
  • Sewing
  • Scrapbooking

I see that I have room to cut some things out if I want to. Let's be honest...real paper scrapbooking takes up alot of space...and I think in the long run, it's probably the most expensive of the scrapbooking hobbies. But's done and genuine and real and you can hold it in your hand and look at it whenever you want to.

Then there is digi-scrapping...I can literally whip out 20 digi-pages for ever 5 real-pages. Most of the supplies I get for FREE, but there are some GREAT kits (like the ones over HERE) that cost $$...however I pay $14.95 for a kit that I can use over and over and over again...and never run out of it. Then, when you are all done...your digi-pages live on the computer...I can print them, but that's where the bigger cost comes in. I could print at home and keep them that way...that is an idea...

So it seems to me that digi-scrapping is the way to go. I sell off all my scrapbooking supplies??? Or sell of half and keep some essentials for later use??

See??!! Is it just us simple-minded people who get caught up in problems like this??

Then there is sewing and photography. I will probably always do both...especially photography. I would love to better myself...possibly take some classes, get a nicer camera, etc. With sewing, there are always little projects I can fact I need to get my butt into gear and make a couple for the upcoming baby shower this weekend...eeek!!! (how did I let that sneak up on me?!?)

I digress.

I guess I will stick with doing digi-scrapping...sell of (all/half/some...ehhh) of my real scrapbooking supplies, continue taking pictures and looking for free ways online to better my skills, and continue to sew little projects that come my way.

No need to PICK right?? Just do as I creatively see fit.



- Sarah :-) said...

My opinion is that you'll probably go through stages. So just focus on the one thing that jumps out at yuo in the moment. Ya know?

Anonymous said...

I definitely struggle with that very same problem. I'm good at a few things, but I want to choose something to be passionate about and just work at it like nothing else.

I guess you should just pick whatever jumps at you the most and invest more time in it than the rest. If it's photography, well, everyone knows you will hit a dry spell here and there. Creativity has a way of coming around in spurts, ha. When those dry spells hit you, however, know you have other hobbies on which you can rely.

But if you invest the time in photography or whatever it may just become a passion! And you can work yourself up the ladder.

And that is my thought on the matter. (:

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