Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Planning a vacation...

April writing...

It's no easy task planning a vacation to somewhere you have never been. In August, we are off to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Beks and Mandy. (It's Beks graduation present.)

We want to have a good time, and if you ask me...that would be just ploppin' my booty down on the beach for the 5 days we are there...but I am sure that may get a little boring at times. (Even if it is LOVELY!)

Cory and I know we can't pay for the entire trip for 4 people...so trying to decide what we will be paying for and how much $ the girls should bring...and well...it's tough.

One good thing is we will have a kitchen in our room, so we can make our own meals most of the time we are down there...which I am totally game for. I love to cook and I am sure we won't mind not eating fast food or restaurant food for the entire week. So that is gonna save us a bundle of money there.

Plus I am sure we will watch our fair share of movies and tv and play some games...to pass some time. And then just going out and site seeing and do some shopping...so then it's time to decide...what extras do we want to partake in?? Freestyle Music Park? Ripley's Aquarium? Parasailing? Or other things?? Are there other great things in Myrtle Beach that we just shouldn't miss out on?? Neither Cory nor I have ever been. Give us some ideas?! What are great beaches to hit? Sites to see? Easy on the wallet or free is great!!!

I will keep you updated as we plan the trip!!! We will have two travel days...the 8th and the 14th and five FUN days smashed in between. I would love to hear your ideas!!! THANKS!

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