Friday, June 12, 2009

My Husband ROCKS Friday

April writing...

It's no secret. I think my Husby's just another little reason why.

So I would say back in mid May we decided to start working out 4 days a week, then an opportunity came about for us to try out the new EA Sports ACTIVE Wii workout for FREE...and we HOPPED on that chance! Now we are working out two days on, one day off. So about 5 days a week. We love it...and we have both really been super supportive of each other!

Cory has been behind me 100%. And not just because it would equal a skinnier wife to look at...but I believe he truly wants me to be healthier as well as making himself healthier for many more happy years to come!

Thanks baby for supporting me...and understanding that my battle with weight goes sometimes deeper than even I realize. I love you and one day...we will look HOT on a beach TOGETHER :)

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