Thursday, June 18, 2009


April writing...

So here's my week 2 ratings:

Worst to Best

9. Melissa/Ade - Jazz
8. Jeanine/Philip - Hip Hop
7. Kayla/Max - Pop Jazz
6. Kaitlyn/Jason - Hip Hop
5. Ashley/Kupono - Hip Hop
4. Asuka/Vitolio - Waltz
3. Janette/Brandon - Disco
2. Randi/Evan - Jive
1. Karla/Jonathon - Contemporary

Bottom Three:
Melissa/Ade, Asuka/Vitolio and Kaitlyn/Jason
Not much merit to that...just gut.

Going home...Asuka/Vitolio. Just cause I am so "ehhhhh" on them.

Your thoughts??


Regina said...

My top two were the same as yours. I really adore Evan and Randi. And loved the contemporary dance done by Jonathan and Carla.

But overall this week...I was really "ehh" on the routines. And out of the bottom three guys, I was very suprised that they sent Max home.

I wonder what Wednesday will bring!

Chris Darling said...

Just got caught up on this last night. Hate that Ashley went home because her partner was the only reason she was even in the bottom 3. I just hope the same fate doesn't await Kayla now that she must dance w/the OCD Kapono.

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