Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SYTYCD Week #3

April writing...

So here's my week 2 ratings:

Worst to Best

8. Karla/Jonathon - Hip Hop
7. Asuka/Vitolio - Jazz
6. Caitlyn/Jason - Paso Doble
5. Janette/Brandon - HipHop/RockNRoll
4. Randi/Evan - Contemporary
3. Jeanine/Philip - Broadway
2. Melissa/Ade - Ramba
1. Kayla/Kupono - Vienese Waltz

Bottom Three:

Adios to Karla & Jonathon I think...even though I am SO over Asuka and Vitolio.

I also think the new couple to WATCH out for is Kalya and great tonight!!

Your thoughts?

Bottom Three:
Melissa/Ade, Asuka/Vitolio and Kaitlyn/Jason
Not much merit to that...just gut.

Going home...Asuka/Vitolio. Just cause I am so "ehhhhh" on them.

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