Wednesday, June 10, 2009

more blah blah blah...

April writing...

Have I lost it? No?!?! It can't be?!!? Does anyone still READ this??? I mean like NO ONE comments (wink, wink!)

I just can't get behind my blog personality anymore...maybe I am just drained...but I feel like I have said this before. Oh well. Here's to random:

Last night's sunset was ahhhh-mazing. You will see a pic of that in next weeks 365 post...(which reminds me, I need to add last weeks 365 post...gotcha.)

I am healing quite nicely from my minor surgery, Cory is healing from the fact that he is now allergic to Penicillin. So...we are doing fine. *ha* Cory and I have also been taking part in the EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge...need to do another post on that...gotcha! (See I guess if I think hard enough I can blog...need to put some pep in my bloggin' step!!!)

My grandpa is in town...what a funny dude...I heard something about him saying he was going to 'drop a douche'...pretty sure he meant 'duce' but even THAT'S still funny!!! He is looking more frail...but he has made it to (correct me if I am wrong Ma) 93?? That's saying something!!! Aunt Zelma was in town for a couple days and Aunt Sylvia has been with us over a week...although I think she headed out today, for her Campmeeting.

Gosh, so much...Bekah graduated...Kyle and Sarah spent some time in the hospital...well Kyle was the patient, but Sarah was by his side. (Read more about that on her Blog)

Now it's just onto the busy Summer schedule. Me personally, I am looking forward to some downtime...the pool...our vacation to Myrtle Beach (never been!)...and starting our IVF therapies.

Alot going on...and a whole 'lotta nothing at the same time!! Crazy how that works ehhh? I promise to do better...a blog a day for the next 7 days...think I can do it?? And I will make them worth reading too...promise. :P

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Angie said...

Gramps was 91 in April, "still doing pretty good for a young man," he always says.

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