Friday, June 05, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

...for some reason I can't find the MHR logo...but I will blog anyways!

So my Husby rocks for taking SUCH good care of me today!

(So here I am at home...before we left...trying NOT to be nervous!)

I had my Hysteroscopy today. We had to head into Rockville at about 10am this morning (about an hour away.) So, 20 minutes or so into our ride, Cory looks at me and says, "Am I turning red?" I look over to him and he is like sunburn red.

(He apparently put on his best...'no, I'm not freaking out'...face.)

(Doesn't it look like a poor baby!)

He was like breaking out in this little red bumps and his eye was super bloodshot. Immediately I wasn't nervous anymore and went into 'nurse' mode...and I am not even a NURSE!!

(These were all over him...and they kept multiplying!)

(even some old scars were popping up...perfectly WHITE!)

I got on the phone with our Doctor's office to let them know what was happening. They told us that he could take some Benadryl and that he would be ok. So we pulled over and got some for him...and boy did it help. Within 15 minutes he was feeling MUCH better!

So we make it to the Surgery Center and I get all prepped...I felt great...wasn't really nervous at all!!

(Here's what his color SHOULD look like...still wintry pale...although he will soon be TAN...stinking Cali boy! Just not ALLERGIC REACTION RED!!! haha!)

(I have never felt sexier!)

Then, I came out of surgery...and I was STARVING. So they gave me some Ritz crackers...and uh, seriously. I have. never. had. such. good. crackers. They were amazing! Seriously. I kept telling Cory how GREAT they were...and then I got all really giggly. haha! Cory was telling me that I needed to calm down or I was gonna be hurting haha. I blame it on the anesthesia...but it was a good laugh.

(and here I am post-op...flying high baby!)

So, as I mentioned earlier...Cory took care of me all day! Even after his own little adventure!!! Thanks baby for sticking with me during all this...I am sure we will be handsomely rewarded for our efforts VERY soon!

I LOVE YOU!!! (stay away from the penicillin!!)


Jacque said...

I am glad to hear all went well!! It's great you seemed to capture every aspect of your day!! What an adventure you two went on!! Thank you for the update!!

Becky said...

Glad you (and Cory) are feeling better...prayers and thoughts are with you!

- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha ha - TOO funny. I'm glad you documented that. So next time he gets sunburnt, you shoudl take more pictures... and we'll compare. ;-)

And YAY for a polyp free uterus!

Lindsey said...

Aw you guys are so cute together!!

Cory E. :) said...

Hopefully we won't be too rewarded. At least one reward at most two. I don't want to me Cory and April plus 8.

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