Monday, May 23, 2011

When Mondays go bad...

It's only 12:15 pm and I am SO over today.

I was pretty geared up for a good morning too. I had set up a couple challenges for more on what they were below.

I got up from bed in a hurry...I will skip the next part of the's TMI, but let's call it Crapity-Crap #1. Then I wasn't feeling good, but I pushed through so I could eat breakfast. Challenge #1. Then I got dressed and ready and headed off to work.

April = 1     Monday = 1

10 minutes late. Grrrrr. Thanks to the initial crapity-crap I failed at Challenge #2. "Be on time for work."

April = 1    Monday = 2

I settled in and started working on my Monday work...then my stomach grumbled and groaned. "Man, I am not feeling very well." I headed to the bathroom...and enter Crapity-Crap #2. I am just doing my thing and someone turned out the lights on me. "Helloooooo, someone is INNNN HEEERRREEEE!!!" Nothing. They didn't hear me. asl;kdjfoiansd;fokjasdf ay ay ay!

April = 1    Monday = 3

You see this right? Monday is SO winning.

So I got back to my desk and got to work. I was steadily cranking out some busy work when...crapity-crap #3 hits...bloooop. Off goes my monitor. "That's odd." I said outloud. I wiggled the cord and blooop; on popped my monitor. Hmmmmm. Anywho, I got back to work. 5 minutes later. blooop. There it went again. "Dang it! What in the woorrrlllddd??!!" I said out loud-er. I wiggled the cord again, checked every end, made sure it was all working right. Check. And then I sat in silence. Wiggled the cord again...and blooop. On it goes. "ohhhhkkkk." I got back to work. That lasted all of 35 seconds. Blooop. "Uggghhhhhhhh!!!"

April = 1    Monday = 4 5 6 7...

I texted Husby..."Is Monday over yet?" Time check? 10:33 am. Yep. My day was only 2 hours old and it was driving me batty.

Here I am at 12:27 pm. Waiting on lunch from Husby (Thank you SO much baby!!) and yearning for 4 pm. I just want to go home and start over again tomorrow.

Do you ever have days like this? I figure I am coping well enough...just glad it's a quiet day in the office; and even more glad for my under-5-minute commute home at 4 pm :)

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