Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Before 30 Update

  1. Finish all drywalling in the basement.
  2. Recover a chair.
  3. Complete our Master Bedroom. (Paint, Furniture & Decor)
  4. Sew a dress for myself.
  5. Make Sushi from scratch. Thanks to Husby tonight…read more below.
  6. Get pregnant.
  7. Pay down Credit Cards. (I am sure you see what I did...changed "pay-off" to "pay down." It was a lofty goal at best, but we did put over $3000 towards Credit pay down since the list creation I am marking this off. Deal with it, it's MY list! :) haha!)
  8. Print out photobooks of my favorite photos. Forget favorite photos, I am working on a photo book of the basement progress. So it totally counts!
  9. Have a Family Photo taken. Husby and I...and us with the Pups. Again, thanks to Husby…we are taking photos tomorrow. So I am going to mark this one off!!
  10. Grow vegetables.
  11. Learn how to use my DSLR in manual mode.
  12. Start journaling.
  13. Lose 20+ pounds. *still on WW...losing slowly but surely. I highly doubt I am losing another 9 pounds before May 20th…but I am proud at many of the changes I have made and the 11 pounds lost so far!
  14. Make new curtains for my kitchen. *getting ready to purchase fabric.
  15. Successfully launch my Photography business...aePhotography.
  16. Grow out my hair.
  17. Bake my own bread. Got the plan…now let’s do it already!
  18. Surprise Husby at least once a month with something fun. August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March Planning April now...
  19. Create our "Family Story" wall. *May make the shelves in the next couple weeks.
  20. Organize and add shelving to our Master Bedroom Closet. *I really wish I had known we were going to finish our basement as fast as we did…I wouldn’t have added this to my list haha!
  21. Hit 35,000 visitors on our Blog.
  22. Successfully keep an Orchid for more than 30 days.
  23. Have a successful Yard Sale.
  24. Paint a picture. *Painting soon
  25. Slow dance with Husby.
  26. Go to a show on Broadway.
  27. Hold a puppy.
  28. Make a necklace.
  29. Grow Peonies.
  30. Get Husby to dress up for Halloween.

So, let me tell you about how this evening went. So Husby tells me not to plan anything this evening and then he surprises me with some of my favorite girlies and all the stuff to make homemade Sushi! WHICH is one of the items on the list above. OH YEAH!!! Here are some great pictures from the evening.



It was a blast, and I am so grateful to Husby for planning it!!! If this is the kind of 30 Before 30 fun plans that are headed my way, I am really excited for the next month!!!

Wish me luck, I have a lot to do!!

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