Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday blues...

Thursday blues...
There is such a thing! And I have it.
Allow my PESSIMIST to come out and give some reasons why:
1. After my GREAT first week with weight watchers, in which I lost 3.8 pounds I hung my feet off the wagon (I didn't completely fall off now...) and I ate a bowl of cereal last night at 10:00 pm. When I should have just had a glass of water to fight off the hunger pains. (I had eaten dinner at 5:00 pm a little to early I guess.) Well that bowl of cereal cost me 5 points of my bonus points. Which is, in all honesty, why they are there. But I hadn't planned on using them especially my first day into the second week! Boo. :(
2. I got dropped as a Stampin Up demonstrator January 1st. There were a series of miscommunication that lead up to this, and now to be reinstated I have to place a $199 starter kit order. So...somehow I have to make that work. Cause I have ladies who buy from me that are depending on it, and I ENJOY doing it!! Plus it is my goal to have SU as a part time job after I have I need to get back to it. Somehow...but I am still ANNOYED. :(
3. It's just gloomy outside, and that never helps. :(

Oh the OPTIMIST comes out. Ways it could look up in the days ahead:
1. I have done REALLY well today and I already have a great dinner lined up that leaves me with some later evening snack points if needed. So...that's good.
2. I can just save up for the starter kit in the next three months and enjoy the time just scrapbooking with my ladies, with no worries of collecting orders.
3. The sun'll come out...TOMORROW!

We shall see :)

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Regina said...

Don't get too discouraged about your wagon. Health stuff is a journey. If you miss one day at the gym or have one day when you give into a food doesn't make you a failure. Look at all the good decisions you've been making for yourself. That counts! Keep going. The old adage about the turtle winning the race has stuck around for a reason. Lasting change takes time, but it's the "winning" kind.

So you go girl! Way to take off those 3.8 lbs. That's quite a benchmark! *insert little happy dance here*

Hope the sun shines brightly tomorrow :)

Love, Regina

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