Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 Goals.

Well. it's officially 2008...so as everyone does...I find it fitting to list some goals, as well as things I want in the new year!! Here goes:

GOALS (In no particular order)
1. Lose 30-60 pounds (at least)
2. Pay off/down debt
3. Travel with my husband
4. Get Pregnant (hopefully after I lose some weight, teehee)
5. Put $ into Savings
6. Catch up on Scrapbooking
7. Finish downstairs Bathroom, Laundry Room and Craft Room remodel (at least.)
8. Eat out LESS - better my homecooking skills
9. Walk or Run a 5K.
10. Completely Organize my home
11. Sew a Dress/Make a purse
12. Grow an herb garden
13. Advertise and do more with my Business (Heartscape Designs)
14. Learn Sign Language
15. Learn the Piano (again)

THINGS I WANT (In no particular order)
1. New Vera Bradley - Either any type Raspberry Fizz, Daisy Daisy or Java Blue luggage.
2. New COACH - I love the Hamptons Signature Medium Carryall in Silver/Khaki/Mahogany (ahhh gorgeous)
3. At-home Picture Printer (I think I want this, I TRULY am torn)
4. New Living Room couches (but first we have to sell our couch)
5. a Little Black Dress...(gotta shed some weight first)
6. My craft room IKEA cabinets
7. New plants for my planters (cory hates my front butterfly bushes)
8. New Camera - (that does color select and is a bit more compact)
9. A bike
10. New Dishes

I mean, a girl can wish right?????

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