Friday, January 04, 2008

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers...Take 2

Well, I guess this is technically Weight Watchers take 18...haha! But I OFFICIALLY signed up on Wednesday. Weighed in, attended the meeting and all.
So far so good. I have only had ONE soda...since Wednesday am. (That is a FEAT for me!) And I already feel lighter, not so much like weight-wise...but just not all that greasy-heavy-food bloated. I am doing well too...not hungry. Well Wednesday night I was READY for dinner...but I haven't been craving food just because I can't have it. And drinking all the water has helped too.
I used to think of the following way:

But I am trying to have a better outlook!! I gotta start thinking of it like this:

The next weigh in is Wednesday the 9th. So we shall see how I do. I am sticking to it this time I tell ya. Something has just clicked for me this time around. Between watching the Biggest Loser to not being able to find a cute dress for a New Years wedding in my size...I am just over being BIG. And I KNOW that I don't have to be this way.
So here I go.
I PROMISE to keep you posted!!

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your downline!!! LOL said...

Hey! Good for you! After I got to Okinawa I made a promise to myself to lose some weight. It is tough to stick with it. Once you see some progress it is SO much easier! So stick with it a month or so and see results... then it gets easier! Thanks for all the comments! I got the new caddys and there are too many things to decide from. But I need to cut back on buying for now... I just need to stick to the basics for now rather than all the extras! Ya know what i mean!!! TTYL Sam!

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