Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm mobile...

April writing...

Wow. The potential ehh? I have been thinking and I can actually blog while away from my desk now. Instead of trying to remember to blog something or even blog to be posted at a later date. ha!

For today...I have a little special journey through time...a trip back in time in my relationship with Cory.

(since I just transferred some pictures from my external hard drive to the laptop...whom I have lovingly named "Hattie Pearl" or "Mrs. Pearl.", yep...she's an HP...lappytop and obviously...I'm a dork.)

We were married in 2003...after for dating a little over 2 years.

(pictures are ordered oldest to newest, left to right, top to bottom.)
My it seems like we have changed so much, yet not changed at all! It's been a great journey together. We have had our shared of ups and downs...and he continues to be my best friend.

oh well...enough sappy-ness...haha.

Until next time...and who knows what is coming...!!

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Summerly Joy said...

so after reading this i searched for the like button. there is no like button on blogger. how sad of me! haha. so needless to say i liked this!

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