Monday, November 02, 2009

My bad...

April writing...

What? I've only blogged once a week for two weeks...your kidding?


It didn't seem like anyone missed me.................(cue softly playing violin in the background)

Anywho, I am here. My fault. I've been semi-busy and otherwise a little detached from the need to blog for a brief moment...but I'm back. We have had alot going on...and yet I still feel the need to pull the belt tighter and hold on because the business of late is nothing compared to what's headed towards us in the coming months!! But I am excited...with all the hub-bub it's actually one of my favorite times of year!!

Another bonus to this time of the year is my cousin Chris is coming into town for a week!!! I am just besides myself excited! Then we get to see his sister, my other cousin in January. When her and her new hubby hop over to the states (from Australia) during their honeymoon!

We have alot coming up...Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gingerbread House Competition, Cookie Exchange, Christmas Parties, Trip to NY, Children's Play, not to mention the little fun things sandwiched in-between.

I will be happily exhausted. And the best part of it all...Cory is on a normal working schedule. That's right! No more midnights for him (not for now, hopefully not for a long time!) He is M-F 8-4!!! It's been outstanding to have him around every evening, without it being interrupted with the need for a nap before work, or his having to be home to shower by 9 pm to get ready for work. So that's another great bonus!!

So...I add pictures, to blog more regularly and to bring the random just like I know I can!! :) Talk to you soon.

BTW - I was going to do the Monday Moan, but I just don't have anything to moan about. So I guess I'll see ya tomorrow for the Top 5 Tuesday and more!

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megsnbigd said...

Just FYI, I always read. I may not always comment. But I always read.

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