Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday Moan

Cory Writing......(yes that is right it says Cory)

Today is Monday and I am going to do the Monday Moan because my wife doesn't have anything to moan about and I can always think of something to moan about. Ha Ha

My Monday Moan today has to do with ignorant people. Last night after Verb several of us went to Chipotle and we were in line waiting to be served. This lady in front of use was telling the employee what she wanted on her burrito. She asked for extra meat, so the lady gave her a full spoon instead of the half spoon, which is an extra $2 charge. The lady started getting all ignorant, so the manager came over quickly to try and avoid a situation. She told the lady a full spoon is considered extra and the lady states, "That ain't extra enough for me." So the manager gave her about 4 more pieces of chicken and the lady stated, "Oh that is better."

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. You are making a scene over 4 pieces of chicken....C'MON MAN!!!!!!!

What is your Monday Moan???????

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megsnbigd said...

Hey April, I'm having trouble on Blogger getting to drag my pictures through the text and dropping them in any order I choose. This has been the case for a couple months. What happened and what am I doing wrong? Dude, it's SUPER annoying!

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