Wednesday, December 16, 2009


April writing...

The sickies. I has them.
and to make matters worse.
I have a cold sore.

(count your blessings I was going to show a picture from google images...but they made my stomach I declined that notion.)

Plus, mine isn't nearly as bad as the pictures. I'm just being over-dramatic about it all, because the fact that I even get them now ticks me off.

If you know me...then you know that I do NOT share drinks. Not with anyone but my Husby. I do NOT share chapstick. Not with anyone buy my Husby. And the list goes on. I do not share for many reasons; Mom brought me up that way, germs, etc. But one of the main I know that these little cold sore buggers lay dormant, and if you catch one, you will have it for the rest of your life.

Well imagine my surprise about two months ago when I woke up with one. Oh I was angry. Lord only knows how I caught it...cause Husby has never had one. And there is a part of me who secretly fears that someone would drink after me or use my chapstick when I am not around just to spite me...Gosh, I know that makes me sound like I am surrounded by evil people. It's not like I really think that least not on purpose. here I am with the sickies and my second ever cold sore. It sucks. I am handling this one much better than the first one. I have learned that constant application of peppermint oil and Vaseline helps tremendously. So now, even though I have isn't some huge gaping pustule of gross sitting on my lip. (sorry for the visual there.)

Anywho. I'll get over it and hopefully I will get over the sickies soon too. Cause all this coughing is giving me a constant headache, and I am pretty sure my office's clients would love to call and NOT talk to April the "trucker" anymore.

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Terri Peters said...

Uh...I told you to ask your doctor about Valtrex. It would take it away instantly.

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